Completely Holistic - Complementary Therapies
“My body is a temple. Sadly, I've managed to turn it into a ruin. Lazy, fat, indolent, greedy, almost no exercise, fried food, bad posture and a bad habit of falling asleep on the sofa instead of making my way upstairs to my nice, comfy bed. On a good day I can double up as a an exotic dancer for the blind because I creak and click so much.

As a fitness instructor, I recommend Ladio Marismari if you're an athlete like me, if you're a wreck like me or if you simply want to relax and clear out your system.

When Ladio started working on my back, neck, hips, feet and gluteus maximus the first time, it hurt like hell. In fact it hurts every time he massages me. It's pain I created and sadly is a part of loosening decades of self-abuse and unhealthy living.

After only 4 eye-watering sessions he's been able to loosen parts of me that no other therapist has been able to get to. He's engaging, he communicates clearly what is happening to you and that it's going to hurt. He then does his stuff and after the agony, the relief is appreciable and immediate.

I have mobility in my back, in my shoulder blades, in my neck and in my hips like I've
not had in YEARS. He is a miracle worker when it comes to getting an old croc like me back into some semblance of working order.

His service is worth every penny of value he delivers and is cheap at twice the price for the relief he's delivered me. No sharp neck pains, I can sleep all the way through the night without waking up in pain, and my lower back pain (caused by carrying a couple of hundred weight of me around) is almost gone after 12 years of contstant discomfort.

I recommend Ladio unreservedly. Call him if you need to relax, or improve your health or posture.” June 8, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative Marcus Cauchi,
hired Ladio as a Massage and Wellbeing in 2011, and hired Ladio more than once. LinkdIn.
“Ladio and Clare recently provided massage at an event we hosted, and they were truly fantastic. They are amazingly passionate about their massage, and were extremely friendly and professional. They listened carefully to what our guests required, whether it be relaxation massage or stress-relief on particular muscles, and adjusted their techniques accordingly. Always on-hand to give additional background and advice, they worked tirelessly to ensure all our guests had a great experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and will definitely be using them time and time again.”
Gill Webb
Account Director
The Sandra Leach Company
“For anyone considering Indian Head Massage I would wholeheartedly recommend Ladio. He is an empathetic and highly skilled practitioner who somehow manages to transform me into a relaxed and positive individual over the space of an hour.
I find the neck and shoulder massage releases a great deal of residual tension and the head and face massage induces a tremendous sense of calm and contemplation.”
Sarah Jacob
Completely Holistic have been providing their massage service to our clients at the Mortlake Business Centre for the past two and a half years.
We have tried other massage services in the past but have found that the service Ladio and Claire provide very user friendly. They are happy to manage the entire process on a monthly basis, from emailing all the clients, putting up posters a few days before they are due to arrive, to scheduling the appointments and contacting new clients that rented office space at the Centre. This makes my life a lot easier as I don’t need to worry about generating new business for them. It also leaves me free to manage the site.
Claire and Ladio are friendly and discreet. They provide a professional and personal service and have quickly built a loyal core client base here at the centre. They obviously love what they do and this makes their treatments all the more enjoyable.
We continue to book them on a 2 weekly basis and hope this reference confirms how pleased we are with both the quality of treatments and level of service we get from them both.
Shelley Furey
Ladio and Claire came to my house as I had arranged for a surprise for my girlie friends. They we so relaxed and friendly and flexible and I would highly recommend them.
Caroline Attwood
I first met Ladio at a school fair where I had a 15 minute Indian Head Massage and he managed to cure a headache which had been raging for nearly a week. Since then I have become a regular client.
Ladio offers a wide range of treatments, I particularly like the Indian head and Thai foot as well as a more standard back, neck and shoulders massage. The massages are great – both on a physical and energy level. He manages to re-align my spine as well as my energy systems and is able to offer guidance and treatments to help me develop my own energy awareness. I find myself floating out of our sessions, always feeling so much better than when I went in. To sum up – Ladio is completely holistic!
A treatment with Claire is always a treat but it's also a lot more.  Her massages always 'hit the spot' and are both soothing and effective. The combination of massage and Reiki is a winner and leaves me regenerated on an even deeper level as well as thoroughly relaxed and ready to face the day.